Hi, I’m Henrik Joreteg

I’m a freelance JavaScript developer, author, consultant, and educator with extensive experience building a wide range of JavaScript applications.

You may know me from:

The type of work I can help you with:

I've been building ambitious front-end, single-page style applications for the last 7 years with all manner of tools. I spoke at the very first Node conference on building realtime web apps with Backbone.js, Socket.io, and Node.js in 2011 and have stayed heavily involved this space since.

I’m open to anything interesting and challenging in front-end, node.js, or mobile web. Hit me with your hard problems, I love a challenge.

In the interst of being more specific, if I were to describe the perfect project right now it’d be:

In addition to development work, I’d also consider consulting opportunities related to:

My rate and availability:

My next availability is: October 2017

My rate for full time dev projects is $8,000 per week. I bill weekly for projects with vague requirements and try to do fixed price for projects that have more clearly defined scopes (such as re-writes).

What it’s like to work with me:

Let’s work together!

Hit the big blue button and send me an email and let’s set up a time to talk. See you soon.